About Me

Hello and greetings,

I have created this blog to document my journey in and around everything technology, I am currently studying a Diploma In Information Technology Networking at Ringwood Trainning Facility. I will also be undertaking Cisco CCNA Security and Microsoft MCSA qualifications at the same place, although I am interested in these topics I am also an avid Linux user having tinkered around all the major distributions. But for now I have settled with Arch Linux because of how much it can be customised to ones needs which has lead me to learn heaps about the internals of Linux. While I am passionate about Linux I have also spent many hours tinkering with Cisco’s IOS having complete all semesters of CCNA in 2017, this has lead me to want to take my Cisco knowledge to the next level and undertake the Cisco Security course. While I have had no real formal training with any Microsoft products Windows was really the first operating system I ever used and had used for multiple years and was my first real introduction to technology, I have spent countless hours configuring and dabbling around with Power Shell to get Windows to run just how I like it. I also enjoy writing code and have touch all the major IDEs and have even attempted to write free handed to really test myself, in my spare time I like to dabble around with code and hardware to gain a strong understanding of how a that code or hardware works. I hope this has sparked you interest in me and that you will continue to read my posts.


Email: [email protected]